Is that a Zucchini?

Tonight I made a recipe I have been wanting to try for many, many years; Italian Zucchini Crescent Pie.

I have fond memories of this dish from my high school days. It seemed like whenever I’d get invited to my friend’s house for dinner, her mom was making this delicious meal. I am sure she cooked other things, but I guess it was my favourite because it was something my mom would never have made.

My mom’s idea of serving vegetables involved opening a can of peas or corn and occasionally serving a garden salad of iceberg lettuce and a few pieces of tomato. I am not sure how I inherited the vegetable loving gene, but I think I have my grandmother to thank.

Now I know many people might gag at the thought of eating (that much) zucchini. My husband included…. However, I love most veggies and even those I don’t really care for I will somewhat tolerate (green peppers and turnips come to mind).

Oh yes, back to the zucchini pie….

I have a Pillsbury Bakeoff cookbook that I occasionally browse through and this zucchini pie recipe kept catching my eye. Last week when I noticed baby zucchinis on sale, I decided it was about time! I knew I’d be the only one eating this, so I really hoped it would be as good as I remembered.

Tonight was the big night. The verdict?

Well, as tasty as this was, sadly it did not live up to my glorified memories. Do you ever notice that a lot of things tasted so much better when you were younger? Maybe it’s not just the taste that is so good, it is the memory of the time, the place, the people all intertwined with the food.

Ah well, don’t get me wrong. The pie is very tasty and I am definitely looking forward to the left-overs!

If you want to give it a try, this award-winning recipe can be found at Pillsbury’s site: Italian Zucchini Crescent Pie

Let me know what you think if you make this recipe. Do you have recipes you remember fondly from your childhood?


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  1. Jamie Cane says:

    Nice first article. Too bad it was Zucchini to start out with but the next one will be some kind of meat dish I hope.
    Great picture by the way

  2. TinaChase says:

    Thanks for the comment! I’m sure I will have plenty of future posts to please the meat eaters among us too. : )

  3. Robyn Hornal says:

    I remember Carmel Nut Pudding. Don’t have the recipe. Will look through the recipe books and see what else I have that you might like. We make Hamburger Stroganoff regularly. Auntie Rita (Jamies mom) gave me a recipe book from her church in ’76 that has it. I also submitted this recipe to the kids elementary school cook book in the ’90s. When we lived in Saskatoon we developed a taste for perogies and we have Sausages and Perogies often. ‘All beef’ sausages (they’re bigger than breakfast sausages)

  4. TinaChase says:

    Hey Robyn, thanks for sharing. Ask your cousin Jamo about some of your aunt’s recipes sometime. He won’t eat anything with sour cream, cream cheese, cream of mushroom soup (or mushrooms for that matter). LOL

    Perogies are a VERY tasty. I have not tried making them from scratch, and admit I have no current plans to. We tried several frozen brands, and decided we really like CHEEMO. They have a few varieties of flavours, and always cook well (don’t fall apart). We’ve found the best place to get them (pricewise) is Walmart. We boil them first, and then crisp them up in a frying pan with a bit of oil, chopped bell pepper and onion. I add sour cream… hubby adds BBQ sauce. YUM!

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