Fall is in the Air

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Fall?

I know, I know, it’s still August and technically fall doesn’t begin in the northern hemisphere until the September Equinox (September 22nd at 11:09 pm EDT to be exact). Oh, what would I do without the internet to find out all these things? Hmmm… probably look out the window.

Whether you call it fall or autumn… for me, the leaves changing colour always signify summer is on its way out. Yesterday I was horrified to see red leaves had appeared on our neighbor’s tree. As much as I love fall and all the dazzling array of colour it brings to the world, it does mean the cooler weather will be on its way sooner or later. 

Mind you, I have to admit, I love the cool, crisp nights and will take them any day over hot, humid and sticky sleeping conditions. You don’t know how great central air is, until it’s gone! It’s much easier to put on a sweater and warm socks than trying to sleep in a bathtub filled with cool water (hypothetically speaking of course… do not try this at home, or anywhere else for that matter).

So, this year I wish to say “Goodbye” to all the wonderful things summer brought:

  • A bumper crop of veggies from our first foray into community gardening. Our kitchen, fridge and freezer are overflowing with fresh produce. I give hubby credit for taking it upon himself to learn how to blanche and freeze beans. Together we tried making a couple of batches of pesto (also in the freezer). We had so many tomatoes and cucumbers, we have been forcing them upon our neighbors (not that they are complaining).
  • Our cozy garden and gorgeous flower beds. We just moved into our place last year. The building is fairly new, and let’s just say our (female) landlord is more into practicality than aesthetics.  Our “yard” consisted of a gravel drive and walkway with some grass (weeds), a small patio and a few cedar bushes. Even though it’s a rental, we wanted to make it feel more like home. So this year, we planted containers and a flower garden, added some lighting and a splurged on a patio set (end of season sale at the big W). I admit, I now smile every time I go out the door or come back home.
  • All the wonderful places we visited in this beautiful place we now call home; some almost in our own backyard, some a leisurely drive away. We visited lovely canopied forest trails, lakes, waterfalls, quaint villages and scenic views of mountains and farmland (including a wide variety of farm critters standing right by the side of the road). What a beautiful country we live in.
  • Great times spent outdoors with family and friends (those pesky bugs that came without an invite excluded).
  • Sandals (except those people who insist on wearing them with socks; you know who you are) and walking barefoot in the grass. 


Now as the cooler weather approaches, I look forward to a shift – especially in my cooking repertoire.

By now, I’ve had my fill of salads and start looking forward to comforting soups, stews, casseroles and making my crockpot feel important again.

I think my turtleneck sweaters and socks will stop feeling left out too!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Robyn Hornal says:

    We don’t get the real big RED leaves here in the west. Only an original easterner would miss them. I love fall food. The corn is ready and lots of berries available. Bumper salmon run this year, Art and his cousin Bob canned salmon the way their grandma used to do. Bob also did tiny jars of wild cranberry. New potatoes…mmm.

  2. TinaChase says:

    Robyn: That’s too bad about the red leaves. I really think they are my favourite. I guess if you didn’t grow up with them though, you wouldn’t know what you were missing.

    I love fall food too. All those things you mentioned sound wonderful. I haven’t tried canning yet, but am considering trying it this year. We have tons of apple orchards and farms out here. I am not ready to jump into pressure canning, but am considering hot water bath canning. When you don’t have any of the equipment, it kind of affects the cost savings the first year, but I really like the idea of knowing what is going into my food.

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