When Life Hands you Lemons…

Make Mushroom Soup!?

Well, this week did not really go as planned. Tuesday morning, when I turned on my computer I discovered that sometime overnight Windows had decided my profile was corrupted. Even though all my files were still there, it lost all my settings for my desktop, my printers, my email, my favourites, my shortcuts… you name it. BLAH!

A couple of months ago, I bought a new hard drive, with the intent of formatting and reloading my computer. I kept putting it off because it’s generally a given that I’ll be “down” at least a day or two, and quite likely a week or more before I have everything setup the way I like. I could have tried doing some fun system restore thing, but decided this was a sign it was time to just bite the bullet and just “DO IT”.

I am happy to report that it was not as painful as I imagined. I have to say, it’s nice that both hubby and I are fairly tech savvy, because he was nice enough to take over after I went to bed. When I got up in the morning, it was like the “software install elves” had been visiting. I still don’t have everything installed, but most of the day-to-day programs I use are back up and running.

Needless to say, I did not get a chance to update my blog, so “Chicken Tuesday” and “Friday’s Favourites” will be back next week!

Today, I want to share with you an easy and delicious recipe for Mushroom Soup with Peppers. I had a bunch of mushrooms left over, after only using a few to make homemade pizza last week. I had meant to saute them and have them with the pot roast, but I forgot. Oops! Since hubby can’t stand the sight of a mushroom, I decided to make something for myself.

I found this recipe online (sister site of Reader’s Digest):  http://www.besthealthmag.ca/recipe/mushroom-soup-with-peppers

I decided to make this on Tuesday while my hard drive was formatting. It makes a nice thick, rich, creamy soup, with lots of flavour. It was also really easy to make (a bonus), in one pot. Sorry, I didn’t think to take any pictures but it was DELICIOUS. Here are a few substitutions I made…

  • I swapped red pepper for the green, since I don’t like green pepper, and I had those handy-dandy bags of pre-diced red peppers in the freezer.
  • I used up some green onions that got buried under the romaine and were looking a bit mangy. This also avoided the tear-fest I normally experience while chopping onions.
  • Instead of the 1/2 cup of milk, I used 1/4 cup milk and 1/4 cup 35% heavy cooking cream. This was just something I had leftover from another recipe and wanted to use up. I am sure it would still taste great without the cream.
  • I no longer buy chicken broth in the can or carton. I find it pricey, and I often would not use up the carton quick enough and would end up tossing the rest. I bought myself a bottle of Bovril a while back (on sale of course), and I have been using this ever since.

I don’t salt my food and I rarely add salt to my recipes, as long as I don’t think it will adversely affect the outcome. As much as I truly enjoyed this soup, I did find it a tad bit salty, and I believe the culprit was the Bovril. Next time I make this recipe (and I definitely will be making this again), I will only add half the Bovril recommended.

This recipe says it serves 4. I am not sure who they are serving this to, but I only managed to stretch this into 3 rather small servings (in fact, more like 2 1/2). It reduced quite a bit, and mine really thickened up. This may be because I was not exact with my flour, and just used two regular tablespoons (maybe even heaping ones), rather than using a measuring spoon. Because of this, I may have ended up with closer to 3 TBSP. That being said, I think you could easily increase the broth to 3 cups and still end up with a nice creamy soup.

So the moral of the story is… always backup your computer!

Not really, but I just thought I’d throw that gentle service reminder in as a courtesy. I guess this could be a tip about time management too.

While you are waiting for something/someone, use your time wisely to cook up a batch of soup… or make some lemonade!


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