What’s in your Cart? – “3-in-1” Laundry Sheets

Wow! It’s been much longer than I realized since I posted anything new. I honestly can’t believe how quickly time seems to fly by. It REALLY does seem to go faster and faster each year.

Today I want to write something a little different. I know I’ve been in the habit of sharing an assortment of recipes. It’s no surprise since hubby and I both enjoy cooking and trying new things. However, sometimes I go through spurts where I don’t really feel like cooking anything spectacular or that I feel is “share-worthy”.  Sometimes a box of Kraft Dinner or a can of soup just hits the spot.

So, today I thought I’d try something different and start a new topic: What’s in Your Cart?

Today I’d like you to think about – Product Labels. How many of you really look at them? Furthermore, how many of you look at them, and see all kinds of ingredients that you have no idea what they are and some you can hardly pronounce? Then, like me, still toss the item in your shopping cart?

A while back, I signed up online to receive a product sample for a “3-in-1” laundry sheet. It sounded like a neat idea, and I am the first to admit, I like trying new products. You are supposed to put this sheet in with your wash, and then leave it with your clothes when you move them to your dryer. The sheet is supposed to be equivalent to using detergent, softener and anti-static.

I realize some people would never even consider using this, but I have used dryer sheets for years, and thought this product sounded interesting. That is, until I flipped the package over and read this:

“CAUTION: IRRITANT. MAY IRRITATE EYES. Do not get in eyes. MAY IRRITATE SKIN. Do not get on skin or clothing”.

It goes on about keeping away from children, and Poison Control Centre instructions if swallowed etc. Now, I understand pretty much all cleaners are likely to be harmful if you swallow them, and these warnings are basically a CYA, “just in case” it affects someone. HOWEVER, this is a product for doing LAUNDRY. So, who really wants to use a laundry product that warns you not to get it on your skin or CLOTHING? Seriously? Certainly not me!

Sorry to say, I will not be testing out this new product. I know it’s kind of a waste, since the company mailed it to me and all… It might even be a really great product too, but I just get past that warning. I can’t in good conscience even offer this to someone else to try. Sorry “3-in-1” Laundry Sheet, but you are heading for the garbage can.

How about you? Have you seen any products that simply scared you away from using it? Have you thrown away products you’d already purchased after you took a good look at the ingredient list once you got home? 


One Comment Add yours

  1. dukem991 says:

    I thought those sheets were facial wipes …oops

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