Tina’s Tips – Salad Serving Forks (not just for salad)


Tonight I was trying out a new recipe, which involved some roasted vegetables. Usually when I make roasted vegetables, I just toss and mix them up by hand. I don’t know about you, but I always end up with my hands completely coated in oil, herbs and spices. I always feel like I’m washing perfectly good ingredients down the drain. The recipe I found recommended putting all the vegetables in a Ziploc bag and shaking to coat. Again, I couldn’t get past how much of the ingredients would be wasted. (Just to clarify, as I chop my vegetables, I toss them directly into the pan I am going to be using to roast them.)

As I poured the olive oil over my chopped vegetables, I suddenly had a thought! Why not use my salad serving forks? My set is actually one spoon and one fork, but you get the idea.

It worked perfectly! Everything got coated nice and evenly, with no more messy hands or wasted ingredients. Washing up the salad forks was quick and easy.

I don’t know why I never thought of it before…

I am sure this idea is not new or unique, but it is to me, so I just thought I’d share. Do you have any kitchen or household tips that you’d like to share? 


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