Might as well go for a Yogourt!

I just had some peach yogourt (or yogurt, or even yoghurt if you prefer) for breakfast, and it was delicious! I love Yogourt!

How about you? Love it, hate it, take or leave it? Hubby can’t stand yogourt, or anything similar like sour cream or cream cheese. I sometimes sneak yogourt into some baked goods, and he doesn’t know the difference though (*grin*).

If you like yogourt, what is your favourite flavour? I’d have to say peach is number one on my list, with strawberry a close runner up. Sometimes I buy vanilla, but only if I intend to add fresh fruit (like sliced strawberries).

Do you like to add anything to your yogourt? Sometimes I like to add Post Grape Nuts cereal for a bit of crunch, or even a few spoonfuls of granola for a nice treat.

How about the style? Fruit on the bottom or stirred? I have to admit I’ve never really been a fan of fruit on the bottom. I like my yogourt smoother, and find the firm yogourt ends up too lumpy even when I stir (and stir, and stir).

How about artificial sweeteners? I don’t know about you, but they just taste awful to me. It’s like having a mouthful of chemicals or something. I accidentally bought some yogourt with sucralose, and I ended up having to get rid of it. I tried eating it twice and it just tasted awful (to me). Now, I always read the ingredients and make sure it has sugar.

That brings up the question about plain yogourt. I keep reading you should eat plain yogourt and add your own honey or jam to sweeten it. I haven’t been able to do it yet…. The few times I tried plain yogourt, I found it to be really “sour”. In fact, I wonder how much plain yogourt and sour cream actually differ in taste? I’m still thinking about trying plain yogourt. However, I don’t know about your grocery stores, but I can never find plain yogourt on sale. It’s always much more expensive than the flavoured kind. Maybe there’s a reason for that (like it’s not full of all kinds of sugar and extra additives).

That brings me to my final though on yogourt… Have you tried making your own? My mother-in-law has a yogourt machine and eats yogourt every day. I’ve never tried it though. I’ve recently been reading up on making your own. There are a few different ways to make it, even if you don’t have a dedicated yogourt machine. The stove-top method seems rather complicated and time-consuming to me. I did discover there is an easier method using your crock-pot. Maybe that is more up my alley. I’ve been told there is a way to make it in a thermos too. I guess I still need to do some more research.

The thing is, with the price of milk, I am not sure the cost savings are there. I think milk must be much cheaper in some parts of the US. Yesterday, I read a blog about making your own yogourt, and the poster mentions the price of milk at $1.99 a gallon. With almost 4 litres to the US gallon, there is nowhere I can buy milk that cheap. I buy the 4 litre bag of filtered milk (because it lasts longer, and it’s just the two of us), and one litre works out to almost as much as their one gallon price. Even if I buy the regular (non-filtered) milk on SALE, it’s still about $1.15 a litre (@4.59 4-litre bag). It’s hard to justify making your own, when I was able to buy a large (750g) tub of yogourt this week, on sale for $1. Now, that’s very unusual, because most brands (here) are never cheaper than $2.99 (on sale).

Have you noticed dairy products have suddenly gone up? I know everything seems to be getting more expensive, but it’s these sudden price hikes that get me wondering how they can justify them.  Oh well, we can’t stop eating, so the best I can do is try to buy sale items whenever possible.

For a special treat, I like to buy Liberte Mediterranean style yogourt. I buy this when it goes on sale (of course). It’s rich and thick and creamy – almost as good as ice cream.

It’s got 8% Milk Fat, so it’s not a yogourt you want to be eating every day. It is worth having every once in a while though…

So, are you going to go for a yogourt?


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