Minty Fresh

Ah! Nothing like the feeling of minty fresh breath…

except while eating breakfast!

Note to self:  Breakfast foods + Toothpaste = BLECH!

I don’t know about you, but I learned this lesson the hard way – as a kid, being forced to drink my orange juice first thing in the morning. I think orange juice and toothpaste has to be one of the nastiest tasting combinations. I don’t know what it is about those two flavours, but it is just awful. Today I made myself a toasted bagel, right after having brushed my teeth. Not only did it not taste very good, it seemed to basically mask the taste of my (usually yummy) sesame bagel.

That got me to thinking… Are there any breakfast foods that are mint-flavoured? Minty Pops Cereal? (Ha Ha) In fact, I couldn’t think of too many food items that are minty at all…  so, I set off to do some internet research.

There is mint sauce/jelly (usually meant to accompany lamb). I have no idea what it tastes like. We never buy lamb, but there were times I did eat it while growing up and we never had mint sauce. There are also mint chutneys.

Mint tea is common enough (hot or cold), and is even supposed to help with upset stomachs. Come to think of it, that’s probably something I should stock in the pantry.

Is there mint flavoured coffee?


There are mint candies, of course.

I do love mint chocolate. May I offer you an “After Eight“?.

There’s minty ice cream, but how about yogourt? I wonder how minty milk would taste? Are there mint milkshakes?

I’ve seen mint used in alcoholic beverages (Mojito, anyone?), and of course there is Creme de Menthe (here’s to you Grand-mama!).

I looked up how to make a Mint Julep. I never realized it was an alcohol based drink (bourbon to be exact). I know I won’t be trying that any time soon (or probably ever). I think you need a big front porch, a rocking chair and a giant floppy hat to enjoy one of those anyway….

Apparently, you can make mint wine or mint vinegars (maybe a bad batch of mint wine becomes mint vinegar).

Mint can also be added to lemonade.

I found some recipes for mint pesto, and mint as a salad ingredient (whether leafy greens/lettuce, tomatoes or mixed with fresh fruit salad). It is sometimes added to soups. There is also a version of rice pilaf with mint. Some people suggest adding it to a sandwich in place of lettuce (Hmmm…).

Another interesting suggestion was various flavours of granita mixed with mint. I have never had a granita, but apparently it originated in Sicily and is described as being similar to a snow cone or a slushie (served in a bowl). I think mint granita  would be very refreshing on a hot summer day.

In the non-edible category… mint sachets, which you tuck in your pillow, will last several weeks.

Who knew there were so many uses for mint? Did you notice none of the suggested uses for mint fell into the breakfast category? I just don’t think mint in the morning is a good idea. Maybe it’s because we get enough in our toothpaste….

What do you think? Mint in the morning, or not?



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