Mother Nature: What a Jokester!

So, just last week we were enjoying wonderful, warm, balmy weather. It was beautiful and spring-like. Actually, it was closer to lovely summer weather, without any bugs or humidity. I began contemplating burgers on the barbeque, crisp, fresh salads and sitting on the patio…


This morning, I wake up to everything blanketed in a layer of snow! Oh, Mother Nature… are you playing a prank or do you just have a bit of a cruel streak? You do realize April Fool’s day is still a few days away, right? Just what do you have in store for us then?!

Brrrr! It’s been so cold and blustery the last few days. Now my thoughts are back to crockpot cooking – stews, soups, pot roast. I just want to bundle up under a cozy, fluffy blanket with a warm cup of tea.

Well, I best run along. I need to get out to the grocery store and pick up a few items for that stew!

What’s on your cooking plan this week?


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