Tidy Up Your Keyboard

I was just reading through some hints and tips I’ve gathered over the years.

Here’s one tip I found that I’d completely forgotten about, but works great!

Clean your computer keyboard with a post-it note. Just slide the sticky side between the rows of keys and it will pick up small crumbs and lint.

I noticed sometimes the bits of lint gather together and get stuck at the end of a row. I found by holding my keyboard almost upside down over the desk helped. Once done, I also lightly blew on it to release any remaining bits.

Since the post-it note doesn’t fit between each actual key very well, I just remembered another great tip. You can use a q-tip to clean between the keys. You can even dip the tip in a bit of isopropyl alcohol (you just want it a bit damp) for some added help . You might want to unplug your keyboard first though! I have a wireless one, so I just do it when the computer is off, or go in another room out of the range of my keyboard’s wireless receiver.

Of course there are those little keyboard vacuums. I’ve tried a few, but can’t really say I’m a fan. I know people who use compressed air to clean their keyboards too. Maybe it’s just me, but that stuff kind of freaks me out! Anyway, post-it notes and q-tips are much less expensive and likely something you already have on-hand.

As an added bonus, you could even write a reminder on a post-it note to clean your keybaord with the post-it note for next time….


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  1. Nancy says:

    Very good suggestion.

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