Just Do It!

Hello! I realize it’s been quite some time since I shared anything with you great folks out there in blog land. This past year has been quite a crazy one for us (we’ve moved four times, and this one is only temporary for the summer). Needless to say, I haven’t been very focused on “Teatime with Tina”.

I have missed sharing things on my blog and I have a ton of ideas floating around in my head. The reality is, we still eat and I am still cooking most days. I still love trying new recipes, and Pinterest has been playing a huge part in feeding my addiction… umm, I mean in helping me find new recipes to try.

Howard Creek Ranch California - Lone Sandal (Photo by Jamie Cane)

I was just reading an article on Career Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, and I saw a quote that really resonated with me.

“…just do it. Do not wait for the tide to come and sweep you away when you’re standing miles away from the shore.”

I started contemplating how that could relate to anything in life. Many times I have ideas or things I consider doing, but my rational mind has the tendency to talk me out of many of them. Whatever the reasons, I admit it’s often easier to choose the safe route.

Don’t get me wrong. I do take risks, but not without a lot of research and planning. It’s rare I jump feet first with total abandon into anything I undertake. I sometimes wish I could be different, but I think that is just who I am and it is not all bad. I can be rather spontaneous in my day-to-day life; I just know I have an inner need to be more cautious when it comes to bigger things.

If you’ve ever been in one of those seminars where they have everyone in the group take some type of personality test, it soon becomes quite evident that there are all kinds of different people who help make our world such a great place to live. We need the thinkers, the dreamers, the doers, the creators and everyone in between. If everyone were the same, just think how boring life would be!

Anyway, my point is that we probably all could use a push once in a while to jump in the water, even if we’re afraid it might be chilly. It might turn out to be fun or exciting, or just feel good to stretch yourself a little.

So, as Nike says: “Just do It!” (but make sure to wait one hour after eating).


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