Friday’s Favourites! Mr. Potato Scrubber

Mr. Potato Scrubber (Kitchen Stuff Plus)I was washing the dishes today and spotted this little guy sitting on the corner of the sink and realized it’s about time I shared a Friday’s Favourite.

I’d like to introduce “Mr. Potato Scrubber” – or “Scrubby” as we like to fondly refer to him.  As you may have guessed, he is a scrub brush for your potatoes. He’s always smiling and ready to lend a hand… well he doesn’t have any hands, but you get the idea. He has bristles on his back and looks a lot like a nail brush. I suppose if you were in dire need of a nail brush, he’d do in a pinch, but I prefer to only use him for his intended purpose. He fits perfectly in my hand and works great at scrubbing potatoes. He’s not afraid to get his feet (or the rest of himself) wet, so I can even scrub potatoes under running water.

Hubby and I do actually refer to Mr. Potato Scrubber as “him”; he’s like part of the family. You can’t help but smile when you see him and at times we do catch ourselves giving a little wave and saying “Hey Scrubby Dude!”.

My mother-in-law gave Scrubby to us for Christmas quite a few years ago, and even with all our moving around and having most of our stuff in storage, he’s managed to tag along and have a special spot in all of our kitchens.

How about you? Do you have any little gadgets or doodads in your home or kitchen that make you smile, yet are still practical?


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