Pasta Salad – Battle of the Dressing Mixes


Pasta salad has long been one of my easy go-to items when I need something simple and delicious to bring to a summer get-together or family BBQ. Over the years my recipe has changed here and there, but I always stick to a creamy style pasta salad.

I used to just add some mayonnaise and a dash of this and that for spices to make my dressing for pasta salad. Then, one day I happened to notice this packet in the store:

Club House - Creamy Pasta Salad Dressing Mix
Club House – Creamy Pasta Salad Dressing Mix

I’d never tried seasoning packets for dressings; our fridge is filled with a myriad of bottled dressings but not ones I’d tend to use to make a pasta salad. I decided to give this one a try and really liked it. I made it a few times, and then we moved out of province. I searched high and low in every grocery store (and even department stores that sold groceries) but to no avail. I finally contacted Club House and was disappointed to learn it was not available anywhere around me.

I gave up on pasta salad for a while, until I had some coupons and noticed the Club House salad dressing and dips on sale. I decided to buy a few different ones and have a mini “Battle of the Dressing Mixes”.

You can choose to make these as a dip or as a dressing. Here are the ones I tried as a dressing:


While they were all fine, the one I really liked the most was the “Creamy Dill”. It’s very possible I like it best because it most closely resembles the one I used to like that I can no longer find. Perhaps I just like the taste of dill in my pasta salad. Whatever the reason, I choose it as my favourite, with the “Country Herb” in second place. Personally, I did not find the “Ranch Style” had very much flavour but maybe that’s just me…

Next time I make pasta salad I plan to try making a homemade dressing from scratch. I decided to wait and do this the when I make a batch that’s just for us at home. We don’t mind being test subjects on our own creations!

Keep an eye out for my Pasta Salad Recipe which I’ll be posting soon!

What’s your favourite side dish recipe to bring to a picnic or BBQ?


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