Fiesta Favourites!

Hubby and I love Mexican food. We’ll eat any kind, whether it’s authentic or of the Tex-mex variety. They’re all tasty! I have been to Mexico a couple of times and had the real thing. I also was lucky enough to travel for work to a lot places where authentic Mexican food was abundant (especially Texas and California). Often times my co-workers who lived in the area would recommend small, unassuming restaurants that had the most delicious food.

Up here in Canada, it’s often really difficult to find ingredients to make Mexican food (although it’s getting better). Often times, we have to use canned or bottled products.

I wish we had more selection of fresh produce, like this amazing outdoor flea market we visited near San Jose, California a few years back.

It was giant; over 120 acres! Aside from all the fresh items, they sold furniture and even cars! There was a playground for the kids, tons of food vendors and even a mariachi band playing.

Thankfully we have been able to find some terrific packaged products – many of which are brands imported from Mexico. Here are some of our favourites:

To highlight our love of all foods Mexican, I’ve decided to start a new series called “Fiesta Favourites!”

I’ll be sharing recipes with a Mexican or Tex-Mex flair, especially ones using some of our favourite products (showcased above).

I hope you’ll join me for the fiesta – Olé!


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