Facebook Friday: Recipes

There are a lot of renditions of “Facebook Friday” out there in the web world. I’ve decided to start writing some Facebook Friday topics of my own. Today, I’d like to introduce my first post – Facebook Friday: Recipes

If you use Facebook, it’s likely you’ve seen people post recipes for things that look tasty.

The problem with these recipes is that they cannot easily be saved to try out later. The post usually has a suggestion that you reshare the photo/recipe to your own page so you can find it later. The problem for me is that I am not likely going to try it right away and when I do want to try it, I probably won’t remember WHEN I shared it. That means scrolling backwards through my wall posts looking for some recipe.

Saved on the Computer

I used to keep all of my recipes in Word documents. I’d copy and paste the recipe, photo, a link to the source and reformat it all to look nice and readable. I have lots of recipes saved this way, but I have to be at my computer or print them out when I want to make them.

Saved Online

PinterestPinterest is now my primary method of saving recipes (and many other things that I find interesting). I LOVE the visual aspect of seeing all those enticing photos, and based on the massive number of other addicts users on there, I am not alone!

It’s very easy to pin and repin things, but I often wonder how many recipes and crafts that look so nice ever get tried out by pinners? Maybe I’ll have to make a better effort to go back and comment on a pin after I try it…

ZiplistA few years back I started using Ziplist to store my recipes. It works well enough by capturing the entire recipe off the page (including the photo and the source location) and storing it in online recipe box. It’s nice in that way, because even if the online source disappears one day you’ll still have the recipe information. It will even store a recipe that does not have photos (unlike Pinterest), so I still use it for text-based recipe sites.

There are two things that hold me back from using Ziplist more:

  1. All of your recipes are stored in one location and you cannot create any type of folders or categories. You can use tags to help in future searches, but I don’t often remember to add these.
  2. If Ziplist does not recognize that there is a recipe on the page, it cannot be added. It’s pretty good and there are Ziplist friendly sites out there, but it’s disappointing when you have a recipe you want to save and Ziplist just doesn’t “see” it. When that happens, I have to decide whether I want to try and find a different online source for the recipe or if I want to go cut and paste it into a document.

Facebook Posts

I see a lot of interesting things on Facebook – like recipes. The problem is Pinterest does not allow pinning from Facebook and Ziplist will not recognize it either. That means I am forced to cut and paste the information into a document on my computer or I can try find the recipe somewhere else online. I’ve had varying luck with this method…

I would like to mention a blog that has been helpful with some of these Facebook recipes called: “I Can’t Pin It!”

ICantPinItHere’s an explanation from the site: “I see these delicious recipes or great ideas on Facebook but I DON’T want to SHARE them in order to “save them for later”. I just want to Pin it on Pinterest, plain and simple. But, I can’t Pin It!”

The site has a pretty nice collection of recipes and tips from Facebook (with a disclaimer of course, that they are not her own). It has helped me find some recipes I was looking for.

However, I still find myself searching and searching for some of these “Facebook Recipes” and not being able to find a version I can pin or ziplist. So, I’ve decided if I see an interesting recipe on Facebook that I feel I have made every effort to find elsewhere on the internet without success, I am going to dedicate a “Facebook Friday – Recipe” post to share it. I hope you’ll find my Facebook Friday: Recipe posts useful…

How about you? Do you save recipes you see online? How do you organize and keep track of them?


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