Friday’s Favourites: Cow Milk Jug

Do you have items in your kitchen that are both functional and that make you smile… “just because”?

I just love my Cow Milk Jug (or “Moo Cow” Jug, as we like to call it) – I think it’s hilarious!

I’ve always had quite boring and plain white plastic milk bag holders, but then a few years ago I spotted this is at a Giant Tiger store. I looked at it for quite a while, then decided we really didn’t NEED a new one. Every so often I thought about the cow milk jug but I didn’t go back to that store for a few months. One day I happened to pop in, and while I was there thought I’d see if they still had any. I lucked out – there were still a few on the shelf! That day, “moo cow” came home with me. I think it was meant to be, because the next time I went back to the store (yet months later again), they didn’t have any.

Even with most of our belongings in storage, this made the trip with us. It’s not fancy or expensive, and some might even think it’s a bit silly, but it always brings a smile to my face when I see it.

What kind of milk jug do you have? Do you have anything in your kitchen that makes you smile just because you find it funny or cute?


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