Summer’s Almost Over…

Summer Sun

Ah, Sunday… You may recall one of my earlier posts about musical earworms. Well, this morning mine is the song The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” by the Walker Brothers (1965).

Sometimes it baffles me how these songs get spinning ’round in my head. First off, I didn’t even know who performed that song until I just searched for it. I haven’t listened to the radio in the past few days either. All I can think is that possibly it was used it in a soundtrack on a movie I watched the other day.

Maybe it’s just my subconscious telling me to get out and enjoy what’s left of summer! Can you believe September is just two weeks away? We’ve gotten out to do and see a lot of interesting things and places this summer, but I find summertime always runs out before my summer to-do list does!

Even though it’s been many years since I finished school, I still get this sense that I need to pack more fun into the summer months before fall arrives. Don’t get me wrong, because fall is actually my favourite time of year, but summer is just kind of special.

It looks like we’re expecting some fairly warm weather over the next few days, so summer’s not quite over yet. Sadly we’re moving next weekend, but I still have a few more places I want to visit before we leave the area…

Found – My Earworm Source

Ah, I just did a bit of web sleuthing and discovered that the song was in fact played at the end of a movie we watched during Friday Movie and Popcorn night!

In case you’d like to hear this song for yourself, here’s a video:

Well, the sun is shining here today, so I hope you enjoy your Sunday and what’s left of summer!

Are you going to miss summer? Do you have any summertime activities you still want to do?


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