On the Move Again…

Well, we’re on the move again…

It was never our intention to become nomads or gypsies when we put all of our things in storage 16 months ago. Yet, somehow it has happened. Things don’t always turn out the way you hope or plan, but along the way you realize maybe the surprises were truly meant to be! We’ve had the opportunity to visit some wonderful places, see many new things and meet interesting people.

Our summer stay is coming to an end this weekend, and we are once again packing and moving on. It’s always a mixture of excitement and sadness each time I move. There are things I will miss, but I also know there will be new things to explore on our continuing journey.

I searched the internet for some songs about moving. I did find quite a few, but I decided “Roll On Down the Highway” by Bachman Turner Overdrive seemed fitting – especially since it’s from a great Canadian band!

I’ve got a bunch of new recipes and articles in the works, which I plan to share with you after our move… So, I hope you’ll join me once I’m back online!

Have you moved recently? Have you moved often? Do you have any favourite “moving” songs?


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