Costco – I FINALLY Joined!

Costco - Gold Member

Well, I finally joined the masses and became a card carrying member of Costco last month. I had a membership a long, long time ago, but I was single then and often had to resort to trying to go shopping and share or split up product packs with my other single friends. After a while, I decided not to renew.

This past summer, we house sat for my sister-in-law and she shops at Costco a LOT. She stocked the house before we arrived, and we were quite impressed with all the great quality products (especially the Kirkland store brand). Then in the fall, we went to visit my aunt and uncle in Montreal for two weeks. They, as well as both of my cousins, shop at Costco and we got to try even more products!

So after we got back, I did some research and found out about a couple of promotions for new memberships.

Aeroplan Bonus

The first one I found was to earn up to 1500 bonus Aeroplan miles. I liked that idea because it is my main loyalty collection program. I started collecting them many years ago when I traveled weekly for work and got a loyalty branded credit card.

Bring Them on Board

After further research, I discovered that Costco was offering a “Bring Them on Board” deal to encourage their current members to bring in new members. When the new member joins, BOTH the referrer and the new member get a $10 gift card. My sister-in-law was more than happy to bring me in and share this reward! As a bonus, since we are staying with my mother-in-law right now, she agreed to split the membership with me (I didn’t realize the “spouse” card could be for anyone who lives at the same address as you).

Membership Types

When you sign up in the store, they encourage you to get the Executive membership (twice the price). My sister-in-law tried to convince us too, since her 2% rebate from her store and gas purchases always pays for her membership. Did I mention she has 5 kids and lives in the boonies (lots of driving – lots of gas)?

Thankfully I had read this really good article which thoroughly goes over the different membership types to help you determine which is right for you.

My mother-in-law and I both agreed that we would not spend nearly enough to merit the Executive membership, since we don’t shop for a huge family and we don’t live close enough that we’d be shopping there all the time or buying gas on a regular basis (there are Costco stores in two neighbouring cities but not one our town). So, we happily chose the less expensive option and went with the basic Gold membership.

Do you have a Costco membership? If not, have you considered getting one? Would either of the promotions I mentioned sway you to join?



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