Cooking with Coconut Milk

I recently tried making a roasted carrot and potato soup. I added some coconut milk to make it creamy. Even though there were onions, garlic and various herbs and spices, I found the coconut milk overpowered the flavour of the soup. I think I’ll try making it again, but use evaporated milk instead.

I’d like to try making some new recipes with coconut milk, but the only other thing I make is peanut sauce (for homemade pork dumplings) – delicious!!

Do you cook with coconut milk? Do you have some recipe suggestions to share (other than curry)?

Feature Photo: Benefits of Coconut Milk – CC Photo by John Revo Puno, on Flickr


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dianne Jolicoeur says:

    Coconut Chicken Curry soup try it n I’m sure you’ll love it. I don’t like curry and this soup is nice. Sorry

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