Friday’s Favourites – Homemade Bread & Buns

Here’s a sampling of some of the homemade bread and buns we have made over the past few years. Hubby is actually the main bread baker. I made a few loaves when we first got our breadmaker, but this seems to be his “thing”. He loves to experiment with different loaves – especially buns. I…

Steamy Saturday

Ah, some days there is nothing as wonderful as a hot, steamy shower. Today, for some reason my shower felt sublime! I’m not sure what made it special over any other day… maybe because the house was quiet and nobody was knocking at the door to come in the bathroom, or maybe just because it’s…

Friday’s Favourites: Cow Milk Jug

Do you have items in your kitchen that are both functional and that make you smile… “just because”? I just love my Cow Milk Jug (or “Moo Cow” Jug, as we like to call it) – I think it’s hilarious! I’ve always had quite boring and plain white plastic milk bag holders, but then a…

Blogger’s Block!

I’m sure you’ve all heard the term writer’s block… well, I sometimes feel like I have “Blogger’s Block”. Maybe I could coin that term? Ah, I just googled it and it’s already been thought of. Not surprising, since it’s been said there’s really nothing original out there, just new and improved versions of older ideas….

Chicken Tuesday: Chicken-Bird Sandwich?

Seeing as it’s Tuesday, I’ve beem putting together some new chicken recipe ideas to share with you. In the meantime, I just happened to see this posted online today and it made me chuckle. That got me to thinking – “Why DO people say tuna fish sandwich and not just tuna sandwich?” Of course, I…

What Not to Eat: Meat?

I was just visiting a Facebook page that I have been following for quite some time. This person has a cookbook they have published that has become quite popular. The author recently announced that she has gone back to vegetarianism (after a break for a few years) and will never add meat into her diet….

Facebook Friday: Pineapple Squares

Last week, I introduced a new topic on Teatime with Tina – Facebook Friday: Recipes This week, I’m sharing a recipe for Pineapple Squares that has been making the rounds on my Facebook feed.

Breakfast for Dinner: Omelette Wrap

Do you ever have breakfast for dinner? Sometimes when we haven’t planned anything ahead for dinner or we just don’t feel like having a big meal, we have breakfast for dinner.

Water Faucet Woes

We seem to have terrible luck with kitchen water faucets/taps….

Fiesta Favourites! Mexican Bean Salad with Citrus Dressing

Yesterday, I shared the menu for my mother-in-law’s Fiesta Favourites! Birthday Dinner. I wanted to come up with a side dish that was a little different, using a dressing that didn’t come out of a bottle. After perusing the internet, I decided to make this Mexican Bean Salad with Citrus Dressing .

Fiesta Favourites! Birthday Dinner and Easy Sangria

    A while back, it was my mother-in-law’s birthday. We decided to visit her and make her a nice dinner. Hubby and I hemmed and hawed and finally decided on a Mexican theme (no special reason, just because we all like it and had some of the ingredients in the house).    

Facebook Friday: Recipes

There are a lot of renditions of “Facebook Friday” out there in the web world. I’ve decided to start writing some Facebook Friday topics of my own. Today, I’d like to introduce my first post – Facebook Friday: Recipes… If you use Facebook, it’s likely you’ve seen people post recipes for things that look tasty….